Buyer Tips

Real Estate Annualized Return
What return are you getting with your investments? Have you considered why real estate is one of the best vehicles for building wealth? Most people understand basic ROI, but what about "Annualized Total Returns"? Not many do, so I wanted to outline it, here! Take a peek and let me know what you think!
Stop using an escalation clause
Why should you stop using an escalation clause? Craig breaks down exactly why you should toss this out in the video.
What is it like living in a sellers' market?
So you may be asking yourself, what's it like living in a sellers market? Are there any benefits to this, or only negative impacts on you. Check out the video to have any of your questions answered. If you have any specific questions, make sure to give us a call!
Start to Finish. What Does a Purchase Look Like?
What goes into purchasing a home? May seem complicated, but Jennifer breaks down how simplistic it can actually be.
Will Interest rates go up in 2021
Will Interest Rates Rise in 2021? The answer is unknown, but this video may help you determine that for yourself and provide some helpful information.
This just in! Nobody cares about your closing photos! I went off on a rant today to plea with the brokerage community, to stop bragging about their sales on social media. Check it out!